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 This page is dedicated to the sound support in OS DOS for modern sound cards (AC97 / Intel HDA and other).

 Here we present some of the program in which it was possible to implement support for the sound of PCI sound cards:

 - PCI cards (native handling): SB 16/64/128, Live/Live24, Audigy 1,2,4,LS; CMI 8338/8738; Intel ICH, Intel HDA, VIA 686/8233/8235

 This was made possible by open source software sound libraries MPXPLAY:

And also open code of some programs that are able to compile with these libraries.

 The modified programs:

1) ZDOOM for DOS v1.17c

2) TIMIDITY for DOS v0.2g

Created modules and programs:

 1) Driver SDR for QVIEW player

 2) RAWPLAY files for test (My)

ZDOOM for DOS (need main DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD file)


TIMIDITY for DOS - midiplayer MID files (software synthesis sounds, need wav patchs!)

And WAV patchs for TIMIDITY:


Driver PCI.SDR (beta 3 [there are some problems]) for QVIEW (usage qv -WE$pci.sdr)


ASM source code driver: PCI.ASM


RAWPLAY (my) for test play files (RAW file - WAV file without header)


C source code player: RAWPLAY.C


Main library sound cards (modified by me):


Ruslan Starodubov, december 2011

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